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This is one of the biggest stunt the game, first in the league in offensive against the alliance first defense, wonderful exciting, here is analyzed from the aspects of

1 inner punching the ball

The ground offensive Mustang is to balance the proportion passing attack alleviate pressure, PM excellent reading ability to ensure the ball attack in most cases the Mustang are implemented in the optimal condition. Although the Mustang rushed the ball just inside the league average size, but the success rate is very high, the top ten in the League in. Only 13.6% of the medial thrust ball is not negative code or code number. But the Mustang OL facing the Seahawk front 7 is inside the league's top anti run squad this season, the Seahawks only allow rivals to get inside the 3.4 yard rushing the ball size, first in the league. The Seahawks defense group mobility is very strong, can quickly judge the ball handler and immediately grab, because players have extremely strong physical quality as well as the Pete Carroll strong impact ideas implemented, Haiying rarely missed tackle. So inside the Mustang rushed ball pressure.

Key player: Manuel Ramirez

As the Broncos starting center, Ramirez this season to play well, greatly exceeded expectations. But as a run blocker, he is still not stable enough, such as punching the ball cover the lightning and the Patriots is different in the playoffs. The face of Brandon Mebane his great pressure, need to play to the Mustang medial balls he took an open space.

2 lateral thrust ball attack

It has been said of the balls are usually choose the Mustang defensive reading after the kick-off, Mustang lateral punches the ball proportion accounts for 37.9% of the number of balls, so the lateral punching ball effect can usually fight each other a be taken by surprise, lateral 4.6 nike nfl jerseys cheap yards rushing the ball size is one of the best in the league. Although Moreno and Montee Ball to avoid the tackle ability is more general, wild horses on both sides of the ground cover is in place. And Hai Ying side, the lateral thrust ball defense is a weakness, Hai Ying for rival lateral punches the ball size and success rate restrictions are only 20 in the league in away. The Seahawks for pulling guard strategy defense have not find a good solution, the other team was Pulling guard, can get 5.8 yards in the Seahawks body size, and the implementation of pulling guard in the lateral thrust horse ball ratio is 29.2%, all code is 5.5 yards, the efficiency is very high. The horse may be more to try this one strategy to disrupt the Seahawks defense.

Key player: Red Bryant

Because Red Bryant tall and with mobility, so he is always very difficult opponent, if the horse can successfully implement pulling guard to double block Bryant, Mustang lateral punches the ball has been successful 80%.

The 3 pass and pass the impact protection

This is the league's top OL and DL. Mustang OL strong would also like to thank the PM hand speed addition, average 2.36 seconds hand speed is the fastest of the alliance. If the Seahawks second cannot very cheap wholesale nfl jerseys good delay Mustang ball group of running, I'm afraid that PM will use quickly direct freezing Haiying called the league's top Chong. The PM season only in the face of the giant and the Jaguar (!) The two teams shot speed higher than 2.5 seconds. But on the other side, only the Carson Palmer one hand speed less than 2.5 seconds in the face of the Seahawks, this is because the Cardinals OL is so Palmer can only fast ball. Horse and the Seahawks in pre-season had the confrontation, when PM 16 passes, the average pass time is 2.9 seconds, although data reference preseason or you own judgment as well. Remove the PM addition, the Mustang OL quality is also quite good, pass protection on the right side of the Louis Vasquez and Orlando Franklin cheap nfl jerseys china are very good, this season two people altogether only let opponents from himself to 46 to QB pressure. Michael Bennett and CliffAvril they are facing the alliance first-class Chong Chuan hand, their duel between will be very interesting. Combination of Clark and Zane on the left side of the Chris Beadles is relatively a lot worse, Clark rely more on PM addition, actual performance is no data looks so bright, Beadles is the weakest Mustang OL a ring, this season he's put out a team high 44 times on the QB pressure, but they have to face the Chris Clemons this season has been plagued by injuries, performance is very general, can reduce a lot of pressure.

Key player: Michael Bennett

If the Seahawks second can successfully extend the PM observation time, Bennett cheap nfl jerseys free shipping will be the star of the two line. Whether inside or outside rushed passed Chong Chuan, 1-gap defensive or 2-gap defense, Bennett can complete the outstanding, he completely have the opportunity and the ability to give a fatal blow.


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